Saturday, October 23, 2010

Break in the action: Joe Rogan's perfect Mauro Ranallo impression

We're nearing the apex of all the hype for UFC 121 and Brock Lesnar's title bout with Cain Velasquez, and quite frankly, we could use a break. A little levity is called for, and here it is in the form of UFC commentator Joe Rogan doing a dead-on impression of Strikeforce commentator Mauro Ranallo.

Now, we can return to the hype. BROCK-SMASH-CAIN-PUNCH-OOOOOOWWWWWW.

Thanks to Chicago's MMA for the heads-up. 

Houston Alexander Ricardo Almeida Eddie Alvarez

Oft-beaten defenders happy to see Moreno go

MLS will bid a fond farewell to D.C. United legend Jaime Moreno this weekend. And no one will be fonder of saying adi�s than the many defenders he has terrorized during his 15-year career.

?I would definitely say that,? veteran Kansas City Wizards defender Jimmy Conrad told this week...

Evangelista Santos Rey Phillip Santos Bob Sapp

Spike TV, please give us UFC events live

Spike TV ran Saturday's UFC 120 event on tape delay, something they've done every time they've aired an event that took place in Europe. As a result, the news of Dan Hardy getting knocked out and Bisping and Akiyama's fight of the night had already traveled across the pond before fans here could see it. It's time for Spike to respect the UFC's American fans and air the shows live.

It's not like Spike didn't air UFC programming anyway. While live fights were happening across the pond, Spike chose to air a marathon of "UFC Unleashed." So, instead of showing live fights mixed in with the taped fights of "Unleashed," they showed taped fights followed by taped fights. How is this a winning programming strategy?

Spike also has plenty of experience working with the UFC to produce live events, considering that Ultimate Fight Nights air live on Spike. If Spike's excuse was that they didn't want to compete with other sporting events, Saturday night was not a good time to air the show. The fights had to compete with the MLB playoffs and college football.

Fans shouldn't have to worry about trying to stay spoiler-free, and media shouldn't have to choose between illegally streaming the fights or waiting until they air to report the results. Spike should use common sense and air the fights when they are happening.

Jay Silva Jean Silva Thiago Silva

Sasha Vujacic, Maria Sharapova Reportedly Engaged

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TMZ is reporting that Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic and women's tennis star Maria Sharapova are engaged. reported that Vujacic proposed to Sharapova on Tuesday at his Manhattan Beach, Calif., home.

Sharapova reportedly said "yes" and is also supposed to be sporting a very large engagement ring.

The couple first began dating about a year ago.

Vujacic has been sidelined of late, recovering from a concussion he suffered during a preseason game.


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Evangelista Santos Rey Phillip Santos Bob Sapp

Friday, October 22, 2010

Via Ferrata and the GR 20

Thanks for visiting Through the summer, we’ve done our best to blog weekly. But we’ll be unable to do so for the next two months. We’ll be climbing the via ferrata in the Italian Dolomiti, then trekking the�Grande Randonn�e 20 on the French island of Corsica. Many peaks in the Dolomites have fixed cables, [...]

Michael Bisping Dan Bobish Vagam Bodjukyan

What you need to know from this week on 'The Ultimate Fighter'

On this week's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter," we have one episode, but two fights. What does that mean? You'll have to read on to find out.

Good problem to have of the week: With their first win, Team Koscheck is stressed about how to pick the next fight. They see it as a bad but good situation.

Under your skin of the week: Team GSP is very upset by the way Team Koscheck has celebrated their win. Koscheck and the coaches stopped by and picked on Michael Johnson, who was clearly ticked off by it. Somehow, these fighters don't get that getting mad about it is exactly what Koscheck wants. 

Voice of reason of the week: Georges St. Pierre sat his team down and told them not to let Team Koscheck's antics get under their skin. That makes sense ... so clearly, that advice won't be followed.

Trash talk guessing game No. 1 -- Who said:

I just go out there and kick and punch and knee. 

I'm not like these other guys that he's fought.

I want him to feel pain. 

First fight of the week: Cody McKenzie (Team GSP) vs. Marc Stevens (Team Koscheck)

Round 1: Stevens shoots in for a quick takedown and McKenzie sinks in his trademark guillotine. Stevens is put to sleep, and Koscheck is clearly disgusted. 

After the fight, the Stevens locker room is dead silent. Koscheck had no explanation to offer his fighters, and they had to head in to the gym for the next fight announcement. Team GSP had control, and they put up their fighter Jonathan Brookins against Sevak Magakian. GSP calls Brookins his secret weapon. In case you're unfamiliar with Brookins' work -- which maybe GSP was -- he is one of the many fighters that Jose Aldo destroyed on the way to the WEC championship.

Stupid prank of the week: "Ahhh, Josh, where you put my sandals?" Koscheck hid GSP's sandals, which is the one of the weakest pranks in the history of "The Ultimate Fighter."

Trash talk guessing game No. 2 -- Who said:

I want to go up, like flowers to the sun.

This is like, win or die, man.

Second fight of the week: Jonathan Brookins (Team GSP) vs. Sevak Magakian (Team Koscheck)

Round 1: Brookins earned the first cheer of the fight when he supplexed Magakian down to the ground. Though Magakian stood up quickly, Brookins stayed on his back. After some maneuvering, he sunk in a standing rear naked choke and put Magakian to sleep.

Body count of the week: Two fights, two fighters put to sleep. Team GSP took both fights this week, leaving one last fight for Team Koscheck to try to dig out of the hole next week.

Jason Guida Melvin Guillard Cody Guinn

Brent Johnson Giving Marc-Andre Fleury a Push

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Ask anybody associated with the Penguins who their No. 1 goaltender is, and the answer will surely be Marc-Andre Fleury, which isn't a surprise. He is, after all, the most talented goalie on the roster.

What is a surprise is that all four of the Penguins wins this season have come with Brent Johnson in net, while all three losses have come with Fleury between the pipes. Johnson has now started four of the past five Penguins games, including three in a row, the most recent of which was Monday's 5-2 win against Ottawa. He has yet to allow more than two goals in any one contest. And while there's not much of a chance of Johnson taking the No. 1 job for good, this is one of the few times in Fleury's career that he has had somebody make a serious push for playing time behind him (at least since Jocelyn Thibault was in Pittsburgh during the 2006-07 season. Ty Conklin filled in admirably while Fleury was injured in 2007, but quickly faltered when he returned).

And that's not a bad thing for the Penguins.


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James Thompson Nick Thompson Josh Thomson

Night Jumps

Note: the post below includes facts about night jumps along with a significant amount of personal opinion from someone who didn’t enjoy the experience so much. Though I do still recommend people do them, especially if you want to get your D license, but more for the experience of it. You never know, you might [...]

Jermaine Andrè Yoji Anjo Ao Hailin

Night Jumps

Note: the post below includes facts about night jumps along with a significant amount of personal opinion from someone who didn’t enjoy the experience so much. Though I do still recommend people do them, especially if you want to get your D license, but more for the experience of it. You never know, you might [...]

Karn Grigorian Karen Grigoryan Kendall Grove

Brett Favre's Wrangler Ads Scaled Back

by FanHouse Staff

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Brett FavreBrett Favre's television ads for Wrangler weren't in rotation during NFL broadcasts on Sunday, a possible sign the jean company is distancing itself from the embattled Minnesota Vikings quarterback in the wake of his sexting scandal.

CNBC, citing information from Front Row Analytics, reported Monday that not a single Favre-Wrangler ad aired during an NFL broadcast. Wrangler is reportedly taking a wait and see approach with Favre, who is under investigation by the league for alleged voice mail and text messages sent to former New York Jets employee Jenn Sterger while he was on the team in 2008.

Front Row Analytics said the ads ran only 10 times on Sunday, but only on cable channels Versus, FX, Speed and the History Channel -- none of which are NFL broadcast partners.

"No brand wants to be embroiled in a controversy of such a personal nature," Eric Smallwood, vice president of product management for Front Row, told CNBC. "It's best for the brand to have a limited brand affiliation with the athlete until the outcome is known."

CNBC said Wrangler could not be reached for comment Monday morning.


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Ashley Phalen Killed in Driving Experience Crash at Auto Club Speedway

FONTANA, Calif. (AP) -- A woman crashed a replica Indy race car into a wall at a high rate of speed and died while taking part in the Mario Andretti Driving Experience at a Southern California motor speedway.

The San Bernardino County coroner's office says 24-year-old Ashley Phalen of Los Angeles was killed early Friday when her vehicle slammed into a wall and overturned at the Auto Club Motor Speedway in Fontana. She died at a nearby hospital.

Phalen was participating in what is described on as the "World's Fastest Racing Experience." The website says people can drive a race car with 600 horsepower for an eight-minute session and reach speeds up to 160 mph.

The San Bernardino Sun reported that the crash occurred at 9:32 a.m. PT Friday and that the car struck an inside wall before overturning.

An after-hours phone message for the Andretti Driving Experience wasn't immediately returned.

Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. Active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.


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Title shot hopes for Jon Fitch seem dim

In a video he recently Tweeted, Jon Fitch showed that he is not an adept standup paddleboarder.

Falling off the paddleboard after three seconds is the least of Fitch's problems. That welterweight title shot that he thought he was in line for? It turns out that the winner of Jake Shields vs. Martin Kampmann will likely get the next shot at the winner of Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck.

"If Jake Shields should win against Martin Kampmann, it will probably be him next," [Dana] White said.

That "probably" is a ray of hope for Fitch. Probably means nothing is set in stone. Fitch proposed that he should fight the winner of Shields/Kampmann for the title shot. What would you like to see happen with the UFC welterweight belt?

B J Penn Anthony Perosh Seth Petruzelli

Thursday, October 21, 2010

UFC 120: Michael Bisping Beats Yoshihiro Akiyama

by Michael David SmithEngland's Michael Bisping gave the fans in London something to cheer about in the main event at UFC 120 on Saturday, coming back from a shaky start to win a unanimous decision after a hard-fought 15 minutes in the Octagon with Yoshihiro Akiyama.

"Right at the start of the first round he hit me with a shot here and I was seeing double," Bisping said afterward. "Akiyama is a great fighter but I truly believed in my training, my skills and my ability to win this fight."


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Non-AQ Report: San Jose State's Resources Depleting

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San Jose State coach Mike MacIntyre didn't mean to be disrespectful to Boise State when on Monday's teleconference he said his team was a "J.V. football team" during the 48-0 shellacking at the hands of the Broncos. He was simply pointing out how depleted his team was starting to look.

The Spartans have lost 12 starters -- 15 players total -- to season-ending injuries. MacIntyre started seven true freshmen and doesn't even have 50 scholarship players to put on the field.

"I have never seen anything like this in my life and I hope I never see anything like it again," MacIntyre said. "We are really, really thin. It's tough to compete."

The Spartans lost starting tailback Lamon Muldrow to a torn ACL against Boise State. Reserve linebacker Ryno Gonzalez (knee) and offensive tackle John Konye (neck) also were injured. Throughout the season, San Jose State has lost All-WAC first-team safety Duke Ihenacho (foot), starting linebacker Pompey Festejo (foot), starting center Robbie Reid (knee), starting tight end Ryan Otten (toe), starting LB Kyler O'Neal (knee), and starting DE Mohamed Marah (shoulder). Starting quarterback Jordan La Secla has been playing with bruised ribs.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jump for Diabetes 2010- what a blast!

Well, I’ve finally recuperated from a long weekend at Skydive Pennsylvania for the 2nd Annual Jump for Diabetes – just in time for another weekend of skydiving . Let’s start with the juicy details: between raffles, sponsored jumps and generous donations, we were able to raise nearly $10,000 for diabetes research – and donations are [...]

Falaniko Vitale Igor Vovchanchyn Anthony Walsh

Donnie Nelson Won't Rule Out Dad Don Nelson Coaching Again

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Don NelsonDALLAS -- He turned 70 in May. He already had said this was to be his last season as an NBA coach.

Nevertheless, Dallas general manager Donnie Nelson won't rule out that his father, Don Nelson, the NBA's all-time winningest coach, might coach again. The dad left Golden State last week in what team termed as having "relinquished his coaching duties.''

"Never say never,'' Donnie Nelson told FanHouse of his dad possibly returning to the bench. "I thought when he was the godfather (in Dallas after handing the coaching reins to Avery Johnson in March 2005), I thought that was the perfect existence. But he wanted to coach again. With him, you just never know.''

Don Nelson was 64 when he stepped down as Mavericks coach. But he returned to coach the Warriors at 66 in the fall of 2006, leading them to a stunning first-round playoff upset over Dallas in the spring of 2007.

There was much less to cheer about in the three seasons after that. The Warriors didn't make the playoffs with a 48-34 mark in 2007-08 and then had records during injury-riddled seasons of 29-53 and 26-56. That led to assistant Keith Smart taking over last week.


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Sylvester Terkay Harout Terzyan James Thompson

Queens Birthday Weekend

Thales Leites Fabio Leopoldo Kimo Leopoldo

Agent fired on live television; chooses Jones and 'JWoww' over Mitrione

Matt Mitrione has a gift. The former NFL player is an excellent athlete and possesses solid hands, but his fighting skills are the least of his strengths. The fighter dubbed "Meathead" by Rashad Evans on Season 10 of "The Ultimate Fighter" has a way of attracting attention by irking folks with his chops and behavior.

He's only got three fights, but the way he's carried himself has led to a fight with legendary streetfighter Kimbo Slice and then big exposure again this weekend on Spike TV. After beating up Joey Beltran at UFC 119, he added another footnote to his growing story. Mitrione closed out the postfight interview with UFC analyst Joe Rogan by telling someone they were fired.

It turns out Mitrione dumped his agent Malki Kawa. Mitrione went on to explain that it wasn't a joke. Why did he fire his agent? Mitrione claimed Kawa let him down at UFC 119.

"He did the worst job ever when it came to sponsorships," Mitrione told Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting. "For a televised fight, he got me $5,000. That is highly unacceptable."

Mitrione sounded disappointed about the attention he got before the fight.

"We were asking him who did you get? Who do I need to get on my shorts," said Mitrione. "The answers I get are 'your wife's bothering me about stuff that's not her business.' Really? My wife? It's not her business about my money. That's a trip. He was out of line in a lot of ways. I think it's really appropriate for me to fire you on national television."

Where was Kawa? The MMA agent (pictured on the right) was in Las Vegas this weekend with Jon Jones (left), another one of his clients.

Right or wrong, Kawa chose to hang with the guy many think is the No. 1 prospect and rising star in mixed martial arts. Jones was in Sin City for the Mr. Olympia competition and expo. The duo also spent time hanging out with the likes of "Jersey Shore" star Jenni "JWoww" Farley at The Bank, a Vegas nightclub.

Kawa responded to the firing on Twitter by saying there was a lot more to the story and that he never disrespected Mitrione's wife.

Update: Kawa further responded to the firing on "the MMA Hour" on FanHouse's MMA Fighting.

"I'm not upset with him. I'm just upset with the fact that he didn't give me a chance to explain to him some of the process that has happened and why his numbers weren't $10,000-$15,000."  

Kawa explained there were too many people around Mitrione calling potential sponsors on his behalf. There was also a misunderstanding of where money from TapouT and Hitman clothing was coming from.

Kawa added that he didn't disrespect Mitrione's wife.

"I have nothing but the utmost respect for his wife, for his entire family. Just as a person, I don't disrespect anyone's family," said Kawa.

Kawa says this story and others are cheating Mitrione from his moment and what the true focus should be.

"I feel bad for him," said Kawa. "This case has taken over the good job he did at the fights. This has gotten crazy."    

Kawa's reputation is pretty solid. There haven't been any complaints from his other clients like Kenny Florian, Carlos Condit, Ben Henderson, Matthew Riddle and Thiago Alves.  

Jai Bradney Ebenezer Fontes Braga Chris Brennan

Danica Patrick Crashes Late, Kyle Busch Wins Nationwide Series Race

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Kyle BuschFONTANA , Calif. -- Danica Patrick was kept from her best career finish in the Nationwide Series by what her crew chief described as a "blatant" retaliatory collision late in the 300 at Auto Club Speedway on Saturday.

As Kyle Busch crossed the finish line for his record 12th victory of the season, Patrick's mangled No. 7 JR Motorsports Chevrolet sat in the garage. Busch finished 1.034 seconds ahead of Brad Keselowski, who extended his points lead to 384 points with the second-place finish. Kevin Harvick, Carl Edwards and Joey Logano rounded out the top five.

Patrick, who finished 30th, hinted her collision with James Buescher that collected two other cars with eight laps left may not have been by chance. She had raced as high as 10th and was in 13th at the time of the wreck, primed to finish on the lead lap for the first time and best her highest career finish through her first seven starts, 24th, in the Nationwide Series.


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Matt MacGrath Leonardo Lucio Nascimento Paweł Nastula

Someone's not happy about Strikeforce's Lindland-Lawler bout

Strikeforce announced on Tuesday that they have add Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Lindland to a December 5 card in St. Louis that will be headlined by Dan Henderson vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral. Lawler and Lindland are both veterans who can bring an interesting fight to the table, so who wouldn't be happy about that?

Tim Kennedy.

The Strikeforce middleweight said on his Facebook page and Twitter that he had asked to fight Lawler or Lindland next.  "I'm so pissed. I asked for Robbie Lawler or Matt Lindland (in addition to a bunch of other guys) if I didn't get Jacare, and now they are fighting eachother?!?!?"

The last time we saw Kennedy, he lost a unanimous decision to Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza in a bid for Strikeforce's middleweight belt. If a rematch is not in the offing, then a fight between him and Lawler or Lindland would be an exciting bout.

Mike Pyle Nathan Quarry Jordan Radev

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Man Survives 6 Days in Joshua Tree

Nino Schembri Fabiano Scherner Semmy Schilt

Americans' Woes Continue After Suspended Third-Session Play

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NEWPORT, Wales -- Welcome into a very bad dream. You know it as the 2010 Ryder Cup, but the biannual golf showdown between Europe and the United States on Sunday may already have been lost -- the causality being American interest not to mention the team's wet socks appeal.

With each and every raindrop that fell all night and into the early morning, and then sporadically during the afternoon, competition at Celtic Manor became less significant and more an obligation -- at least for the U.S.

No longer championship-level golf, it was slash and splash for the U.S., after the already rain-delayed third session was postponed from morning to the afternoon, and singles matches pushed into a Monday finish. And if that wasn't enough to make the soggy Americans appear to be having anything but a good time, adding to their unhappiness was the third-session butt-kicking also being absorbed.

"You know, they dominated us today," American Bubba Watson said.


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Dave Menne Murilo Bustamante Evan Tanner

California River Awards 2010

It’s that time of year when the luminaries of the California Rafting and watershed scene gather for an evening of celebration, hob-nobbing, and fund-raising–yep, get your engines started for the star-studded Friends of the River California River Awards! This year the awards will be held Friday October 8th at the Presidio Officer’s Club in San [...]

Paul Taylor Glover Teixeira Tra Telligman

UFC adds Fukuda and '205-pound Palhares' to the roster

Joe Silva's also always on the lookout to add new prospects to the UFC roster. But that doesn't mean the UFC's matchmaker is limited to adding young fighters with unbeaten records. This week he added two veterans who've been on fire recently.

Bloody Elbow reports that Riki Fukuda (17-4) is part of the UFC middleweight ranks. The 29-year-old 185-pound champ from DEEP in Japan is on a seven-fight win streak. He was last seen in the U.S. back in 2007 where he lost a close decision to Joey Villasenor on an EliteXC card in Hawaii. He's well-rounded, something the UFC middleweight division needs, and by the looks of this early fight against Oleg Bazayev, he's got knockout power. The video is hilarious as Bazayev yells with each punch he  lands and then learns that he needs to protect his chin when throwing a bodyshot (0:50 mark).

Silva also hit Brazil for another squatty submission artist. Alexandre "Cacareco" Ferreira strongly resembles middleweight Rousimar Palhares except that he fights at 205 pounds. The 5-foot-7 fire hydrant has the same ridiculous track record when it comes to submissions as well. Cacareco (18-6) has finished seven straight opponents via submission. He'll debut at UFC 122 against Vladimir Matyushenko. What should Matyushenko guard against? Everything. Cacareco's recent wins have come by kimura, achilles lock, guillotine choke, knee bar and rear-naked choke. One problem for Cacareco, Matyushenko has never been submitted in 29 fights.

Wagnney Fabiano Kevin Kimbo Slice Ferguson Paulo Filho

Exclusive pictures from WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan

Check out these exclusive pictures from WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan by Tracy Lee. Look now to see Gamburyan resemble the bat boy, Donald Cerrone's flying knee, and Aldo wearing the belt that goes with everything.

Jens Pulver Mike Pyle Nathan Quarry

?Going Pro? ? A Career In Diving

A Guide to…Going Pro Let?s face it, every job has it own significant drawbacks?nobody really likes working in an office, nobody likes dealing with colleagues who are just as miserable as you are and I?ve never met anyone who thinks that wearing a shirt and tie is more comfortable than wearing shorts and T-shirt. Well, [...]

Yoji Anjo Ao Hailin Shinya Aoki

Video: Robe Canyon, Stillaguamish (and Robe Race is Sunday!)

In deference to the Robe Canyon Race happening tomorrow (Sunday April 25, 2010), here’s a cool video I found on Professor Paddle showing kayakers running the drops – there are�some really�nice boofs in there. If anyone’s planning on heading out there to watch�it should be fun, the race will probably start around 10:30-ish 1 pm-ish [...]

Bas Rutten Kevin Randleman Randy Couture

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bonuses, shoves and more: WEC 51 press conference notes

After Jose Aldo destroyed Manny Gamburyan in Broomfield, Colo., the WEC faced the media. Notes from the WEC 51 press conference:

-- Bonuses of $10,000 were handed out to George Roop for Knockout of the Night, Miguel Torres for Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night bonuses were given to Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone.

-- Cerrone explained his behavior at the end of his bout with Varner. "At the end of the fight, he tried to hug me, and I said get away from me. I still don't like the guy," Cerrone said.

-- Miguel Torres said that he is not worried about a title shot for now, just focused on training and improving. The next bantamweight title fight will be December 16, with Scott Jorgensen fighting Dominick Cruz in Glendale, Ariz.

-- Two judges gave the first round of the title fight to Gamburyan, and Aldo didn't disagree with that assessment. Aldo said that he likes to study his opponent in the first round, and then get after it in the second.

-- Torres attributed his win to training at Tri-Star in Montreal with Firas Zahabi, the coach for Georges St. Pierre and Kenny Florian. He said that working with full-time professionals made the difference.

-- Mark Hominick said that he fought Leonard Garcia with a broken hand. He had bent his thumb backwards on the last day of training camp and just had it well-taped for the bout. He also wants rematch with Josh Grispi, calling his loss to him "a bitter pill to swallow."

Tomasz Drwal Joe Hybrid Duarte Aldrin de Jesus

Big Ten Harvest: Denard Denial

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If you peruse Michigan's roster, you will notice that only two players' heights are not listed. One is that of backup tailback Stephen Hopkins, a freshman, and the other's is Denard Robinson's.

Perhaps Michigan's athletic department would rather opponents not know that its sophomore quarterback is only six-feet tall or less. Or maybe there just was not enough space to write "larger than life."

Through five games, Shoelace has simply been legendary. You know the stats: the ligatured-shoes averse QB is number two in the nation in total offense (382.6 yards per game) and number four in passing efficiency (179.5). He also just happens to lead the nation in rushing (181 yards per game). Finally, he is the first player in the history of the FBS to gain 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing in a game on two separate occasions. And he has done that in 40 percent of the games he has started.

That any quarterback would have achieved any one of those statistics is outstanding, much less a first-year starter. An underclassmen. An undersized underclassman at that.


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Cyril Abidi Daniel Acacio Bernard Ackah

Plastic Wave

This is cool. A "Plastic Wave" made out of 500 Pet bottles by TWOTHRIDS in co-operation with artist Kathleen Egan. The sculpture was exhibited at the Bread & Butter trade show in Germany. TWOTHIRD say; "It helped us create awareness on the fact that our ocean is becoming a giant landfill full of plastic but that we have the power to stop this". Alongside the exhibit TWOTHIRD collected signatures in a petition titled "Make a stand for an ocean free of plastic!". Nice one TWOTHIRD, and great work Kathleen!

Plastic Wave
Click image above for enlargement

Click here to see the original post by TWOTHIRDS and more photos.

Mike Pierce Mike Plotcheck Ross Pointon

New art from Damian Fulton

Just added a bunch of new art to Damian Fulton's showcase on Club Of The Waves. Awesome stuff, check it out…

Surf Art by Damian Fulton

Alessio Sakara Kazushi Gracie Hunter Sakuraba Hayato Sakurai

'Surf Artist' Bryn Hall Interview

Check out a cool little interview with Cornish COTW featured surf artist Bryn Hall put together by…

Click the video below to watch…

- Bryn's website/blog
- Bryn on Switch-foot

Rory Singer Elvis Sinosic Dennis Siver

A Molokini Snorkel Tour Offers an Unforgettable Underwater Experience

Approximately three miles off the coast of Maui sits an extinct, but no less impressive, volcanic crater known as Molokini. This underwater volcano is now home to a plethora of sea life, as it has been converted to Hawaii’s only Island Marine Sanctuary. Molokini Crater snorkeling offers some of the best underwater viewing around Maui, [...]

Randy Couture Bas Rutten Kevin Randleman

Not to be Confused with Iowa

One of the most common things I hear guests say on our river trips is, “I never thought Idaho would look like this.”  I don’t know if its because ’Idaho’ sounds a little like ‘Iowa,’ but they seem to think Idaho will have soft, rolling hills and wide open plains. Well, it does have those [...]

Jaime Jara Keith Jardine Antoine Jaoude

Strikeforce Heavyweights Take a Back Seat to Brocktober

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In case you haven't heard, BROCKTOBER! has started in earnest, with Wednesday night marking the debut of UFC Primetime, the Spike TV show hyping the upcoming Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez fight at UFC 121.

I'm not a big fan of the whole Brocktober thing -- I'm actually more excited about Lyotovember, when I assume the UFC will offer fans hours of programming featuring detailed analysis of how Machida's precision striking will make him a difficult opponent for Rampage Jackson at UFC 123 -- but I am excited about the Lesnar-Velasquez fight.

That's really what we want as MMA fans: The promoters to give us fights that we're excited about. And that's what I was getting at a few weeks ago, when I questioned Josh Barnett for saying after he signed with Strikeforce that "Strikeforce is the home of the best heavyweight division in the world." Whether Strikeforce or the UFC has the better heavyweight fighters is less important than whether Strikeforce or the UFC has the better heavyweight fights. And on that score it's not even close.

Mo Lawal Ruthless Robbie Lawler Eric Lawson

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Works: Andrew Bynum Creation Myth; J.R. Smith-Kevin Durant Spectrum

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In The Works today: a basketball version of baseball's tried-and-true OPS, and we preview the Grizzlies and Raptors.

But first, a thesis on how Phil Jackson (and Kobe Bryant) created a monster named Andrew Bynum.

L'Enfant Terrible

Andrew BynumPhil Jackson, upset with Andrew Bynum's lengthening timetable for recovery from knee surgery, has announced to the world that Bynum, a would-be star making eight figures, perhaps ought to be a situational, short-minutes player ... like Yao Ming. It might be the closest Phil's ever come to flipping the bird at one of his players, and it tells of a real, potentially Shaq-like disconnect between the legendary coach and the ingenue.

It's a truly absurd suggestion; the only reason Jackson made it was to get additional press for his displeasure with Bynum and to get Bynum's blood going. This is the Zen Master, after all. He knows exactly what he's doing. But while "what he's doing" may help the Lakers this season by booting Bynum into gear, and while it certainly will help Jackson's already rock-solid reputation as a brilliant motivator, are these tactics counter to the long-term interests of the Lakers?

Bynum, after all, is about to turn 23 years old. The Lakers' core is much, much older, with Kobe Bryant already 32, Pau Gasol 30, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom both nearly 31. You can win into your 30s -- the Celtics have helped prove that. But no one counts Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce as the "future" of the Celtics; that's Rajon Rondo. Bynum is L.A.'s Rondo, the hope that the team won't fall off the face of the Earth when the aging superstars do.


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PWA Slalom Alacati 2010 is done

Straight after the Canary trip we flew back to Austria through D�sseldorf. We had just 1 and a half day to organise things for a 3 week Turkey-Greece trip, pick up the post, pick up a repaired sail, getting the right gear sorted out. What a stress! Thanks to the help of our friends J�rgen [...]

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Katy Perry - Starstrukk feat. Katy Perry

Starstrukk feat. Katy Perry

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World without Jimmy Fallon

What a world we would have if Jimmy Fallon was taken from us.

Using a phrase in context means using it in a way that words and phrases preceding or following the phrase are related to the meaning of the word or phrase, and are used as would be expected in conversation or writing.

Basically, it means you can\'t just use a word or phrase over and over, unless it adds to the information being presented on the page.